Saddle Up: Go Horse Riding At These 9 Places In Delhi NCR

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If horse riding as a sport interests you, we’ve got a bunch of places you can head to now. Enjoy the wind in your hair and the neighing of the horses as you gallop away your stress.

Adagio Riding Stables

Started by national champion Rudrika Singh and French rider Caroline Juneja, Adagio Riding Stables is a place for children (five years and above) and adults who are trained in horse mastership and animal management, as per the European Equestrian model. Currently, Adagio has a total of 10 ponies and 12 horses.

The two founders of the organisation are also the instructors, and they frequently host sleepovers and camps for kids.

Price: Starting at INR 4,000 for a week’s worth of riding

Aspen Riding & Polo Club

Founded by Aroon Pal Singh, a fourth-generation polo player (he comes from royal lineage), Aspen has a structured system for those who want to take up horse riding. Classes and fees are according to age and take place both in the morning (7am onwards) and evening (5pm onwards).

Price: Starting at INR 8,000 per month; INR 350 for one session (30 minutes)

Equestrian Sports Academy

ESA gives lessons to horses and riders in everything related to equestrian sports including dressage, show jumping, tent pegging, eventing, endurance and polo. The organisation is known for creating riders of national and international standing.

Price: Varies according to instructor

Janak Horse RIding

Skilled trainers, great facilities, plenty of space and the most adorable horses. Whether you’re new to horse riding or going back to where you left off, Janak Riding School (led by Sumer Singh) is receptive to all your needs and welcomes folks of all ages. Choose from a bunch of activities including horse riding, jumping, cross country, equestrian yoga, and therapeutic riding.

Price: Starting at INR 2,500 per month (children below 15 years), INR 3,500 (15 years and above)

Beeya's Riding Facility

Started by Beeya Vohra, this riding club is open to all. They have thorough-bred horses for those aged between four and 60, and ponies for toddlers. Apart from Beeya, the academy has two other instructors and lots of cute horses. If you join, you’ll be riding with Badshah, Leela, Surprises, and Heidi the rehabilitated horse, and learning the art of dressage and show-jumping.

Price: INR 750 (half hour session), INR 1,000 (one hour session); there are also various schemes, depending on whether you sign up for the month or the year.

Army Polo Riding Club

One of the best clubs in India, The Army Polo Riding Club was founded in 1995 and is currently presided over by the Quarter Master General of the Indian Army. This is the place to go, if you’re looking to go professional.

Price: On request

Woodstock Riding School

Situated in Palam Vihar, Woodstock Riding School offers locals the chance to enjoy equestrian activities without leaving their locality. They offer classes for all ages (though there are specialised classes for kids), and the minimum age is six years. One month of classes equates to eight rides.

Price: First month’s fee is INR 6,000, after that INR 4,000 per month

The Children's Riding Club

As the name suggests, this was started as a riding school for children {in the early 60s} but now teaches adults as well. The space was given by Pandit Nehru, and the horses by the army. Once you enrol at The Children’s Riding Club, you learn how to bond with their horses, groom their mounts and learn lessons in stable management.

Price: Starting at INR 10,000 per month (for children), INR 12,000 per month (for adults), Flat membership rate of INR 10,000

Ryder's Sports Academy

Located in Ardee City, Sector 52, the Ryder’s Sports Academy offers a variety of sports lessons for children. However, their horse riding stables and classes are located in a different location entirely {check it out below}. They offer classes all seven days of the week, and have a minimum age of four years.

Their four-step programmes {starting from learning to walk the horse, then trot, then canter} help novices get a feel for the horse before ever being left alone. Trainers are constantly with the children to ensure the safety of every individual.

Price: INR 3,000 registration fee and INR 7,400 quarterly fee from then on.


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