Spruce Up An Outfit With Pretty Stoles & Scarves From HOS Designs

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What Makes It Awesome

Stoles and scarves are every girl’s way of making an outfit cuter and adding more style. If you’re looking for a place to score a collection of stoles for yourself, then you must check out HOS Designs. 

HOS Designs retails really pretty stoles that are multi-coloured and dyed to light up any outfit. They’ve got a bunch of scarves that are either covered in pretty stripes with pom-poms hanging from the hems or ones that are stone-washed and look quite boho.

HOS has stoles made out of fabrics like wool, velvet, and viscose. We personally love their Knitted Ombre Effect Stole (INR 1,625) and their Pom-Pom Detail Pinstriped Stole (INR 922). They’re easily available to buy from Shop On LBB, so start shopping for cool stoles, pronto!

What Could Be Better

Nothing. We think that they offer a decent variety in good colours and patterns, so everything about their merch is A-okay. 


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