Wondering Where To Take Bae For A Fancy Midnight Coffee Date? This Chanakyapuri Spot Is Perfect

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The Samavar, which is inside the iconic Hotel Ashok in Delhi, is beautiful, has great food and is open 24X7, making it the perfect place for that fancy midnight coffee date you’ve been planning.

Fancy And Fun

Let’s be honest, we’ve all wanted to surprise bae with a midnight date, but finding the perfect spot for it is what stops most of us from planning these cute outings. However, we discovered that The Ashok’s Samavar is not only serving up some delicious food and great coffee, but is also open 24×7!

The ambiance, a mix of orange and white, makes for a very soothing combination. The comfy chairs, flowers on each table and the area {spacious enough to give you both privacy} ensure that Samavar provides the perfect atmosphere for a romantic date.

In terms of what to order, we say you try out their filter coffee, because it’s just the right kind of brew that will hit the spot for any caffeine lover. However, their selection of teas {think Darjeeling, chamomile, masala chai} are also quite soothing, and are great companions to your long conversations. And for all those peeps you like to stay healthy, they have fresh juices as well {beetroot and carrot juice, anyone?} If you’re both in the mood for a little something stronger, they have an amazing collection of wine and champagne. If you’re not in the mood for fancy alcohol, they also offer rum, whiskey, brandy and the evergreen, beer!

For the hungry couple, they have a rather extensive food menu which includes everything you’d want for your midnight munchies, from burgers and sandwiches to pasta. We swear by the My Style of Pasta here, which will give you the option of making your own pasta! If you’re not too hungry, you can go for their assortment of pakoras, samosas, chicken nuggets or even French fries.

In terms of price, it would cost INR 2,200 {approximately} for two people, and while that is on the higher side of things, it’s a price worth paying for a super-great date.

So, We're Saying...

We’ve found the perfect place for a spontaneous midnight date at The Ashok’s Samavar, because of the romantic atmosphere, the accessibility and a menu which can make any heart happy.