Get Marble Cheese Platters And Cushion Covers From Home Decor Brand


    What Makes It Awesome

    House This is what your house needs to be transformed into a homely paradise! Give your home a snug makeover with this brand's decor items that are uh-mazeee (we're trying to say amaze but we droolin'). Whether you're looking for some fabric printed wall art for your bedroom or chic marble coasters for your dining space (they also have teak wood bowls), this brand's options will leave you spoilt and confused, 'cause you'll want them all. It's time you get rid of those old cushion covers and replace them with House This' options that have mostly come in shades of off white, black and biege. With a physical store in Gurgaon, they also have an online store where you can stock up on your house essentials.

    If cooking gives you solace and you're someone who looks forward to whipping up some gourmet after a long day of work, these guys have lovely marble cheese platters and mango wood trays. 

    We are already imagining a happy weekend morning, lounging against the Kargha Cushion Covers complimenting the gorgeous Jamdhan Wall Art on the walls and this Marble Cheese Platter laden with crackers, cheese, breads and fruits. 

    Prices start from INR 599. 


    You can shop for all these products for your pretty paradise on LBB now!