How Many Of These 10 Typical Delhi Phrases Do You Say The Most?

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Living in the capital means getting accustomed to hearing (and saying) certain phrases that embrace the true meaning of being a Delhiite. Here are 10 phrases you’ll hear all too often…

Bhai Nahi Hai Tu?

Delhiites know the art of persuasion and there’s no better weapon in their arsenal than the good old bhai nahi hai tu? Known to instantly induce a strong feeling of brotherhood in your friends, the phrase can be used to get them to do almost anything. 

Common usage…

Friend 1: “No, I’m not going to let you drive my new car.”
Friend 2: Bhai nahi hai tu?
*overspeeds like it’s Fast & Furious*

Goa Chalte Hain

It starts in the first year of college and sometimes takes up to three financial years to make it happen. Goa chalte hain is the Delhi squad motto that takes a lifetime to materialise. With high aspirations to dance it off on the Goan beaches, there’s always that one person in the group whose constant aim is to make this plan happen and will sneak this phrase into every conversation. 

Common usage…

Friend 1: “Thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies.”
Friend 2: “Oh, cool. Bitcoin or Etherium?”
Friend 3: Goa chalte hain.

Intro Kara De

Be it in their professional lives or personal, you’ll come across certain Delhi people always trying to make new connections using this phrase. Setting up an interview through a friend or trying to get a date? Intro kara de is the Delhi way of approaching people.

Common usage…

Friend 1: “Hey, so I have this friend who-”
Friend 2: Intro kara de!


The golden word in every Delhiite’s dictionary, BC is the desi equivalent of ‘fuck’ and has the versatility of being used as a noun, verb, adverb, adjective, and can even help express literally any emotion from frustration to happiness. 

Common usage…

Friend 1: “BC! BC BC BC!”
Friend 2: “That makes so much sense, BC!”

Clubbing Chalte Hain

Say hello to Delhi’s weekend party anthem. Primarily including ‘club’ hopping, getting wasted, and pouring out true friendship feelings to your BFF at 2am, clubbing chalte hain is where it all starts to go downhill, sobriety-wise. Also includes going to ‘clubs’ playing Punjabi music on full blast. 

Common usage…

Friend 1: “I’m free today. Let’s go for a movi-”
Friend 2: Clubbing chalte hain yaar.

Scene Kya Hai?

The one question nobody ever seems to know the answer to:Scene kya hai?  This is thrown around in the group chat endless times in a day with no concrete ‘scenes’ being made. The question is asked with high hopes of making a different plan than the group’s usual, but to no success—you just end up doing the same things. 

Common usage…

Friend 1: It’s Saturday. Scene kya hai?
Friend 2:Tu bata. Scene kya hai?

Ye Toh Bada Shady Hai

Entered a dimly lit bar? Ye toh bada shady hai. Met a guy who acts weird? Ye toh bada shady hai. Sat under a tree on a super sunny day? Ye toh bada shady hai—okay, maybe the last one doesn’t count, but you know what we mean. 

Common usage…

Friend: *about anything they don’t like* Ye toh bada shady hai.

Bakchodi Mat Kar

Used as a revert for statements made by friends you don’t agree with, Bakchodi mat kar is an expression that’s a mix of ‘talk sense’, ‘shut up’, and ‘your opinions belong in the trash can with all the other crap I don’t need’. 

Common usage…

Friend 1: “Maybe you should start working out to balance your lifestyle.”
Friend 2: Bakchodi mat kar.


A person who has all the time in the world to do all the things in the world yet ends up doing absolutely nothing. A vella phase is typically observed in recent graduates before they get a job. 

Common usage…

Friend 1: “Want to for a movie the day after?”
Friend 2: “How about today? I’m vella all week.”

Jugaad Hai Mera

While the world runs on hope, Delhiites have jugaad to make things happen. Jugaad hai mera is used to convey ingenious means and ways of turning situations in your favour. 

Common usage…

Friend 1: “Dude, it’s very hard to get in this bar on Saturday nights.”
Friend 2: Jugaad hai mera.
*goes over to the bouncer* “Yaar, bhai nahi hai tu?”


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