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The Hunger Games | Sin vs Win

Suchita posted on 30th August

By Rupali Lamba 

Snack time brings out the best and worst in us. We proudly tell everyone about the time {phase} through which 5:00 pm snack was an apple, while secretly also knowing about the other 5:00 pm when a ‘snack’ consisted of an entire pizza {if not more}.

Here’s a list of homegrown products to satisfy the angel and demon within, whether you want to be good, or just plain bad.


Opera Crisps

India’s answer to Kettle Chips, these cottage style potato crisps are available in 4 flavours: Salt n Black Pepper, Piri Piri, Italian Herbs and Cheese Jalapeño. They are all true to their descriptors, but Salt n Black Pepper has our vote, through and through.

Whole Foods Diet Chips

These baked crisps are as addictive as their sin-worthy counterparts. It is easy to polish off a pack and if you want to push the healthy-ness factor, an unsalted variant is available too.



4700 BC Popcorn

When you really want to load it on, 4700 BC popcorn comes in cheese, chocolate and caramel flavours in chic packaging {afterall, when you sin, you MUST go the whole hog}

Desi Popcorn

You can also buy popcorn from a cart and simply bhuno it at home with salt, curry leaves, garlic, oregano; the flavor possibilities are endless and fatless.



All butter shortbread from Red Moon Bakery

There is nothing more comforting than buttery shortbread. Red Moon Bakery delivers everywhere, so in the spirit of immobile laziness, order yours today! Consume with strawberries and cream to really push it.

Oat and Walnut cookies from C Green

Biscuits aren’t really the way to go if you are ‘winning’, however, if you just cannot resist, C Green is your divine calling - oats and walnuts will help nourish and boost your metabolism.



Haldirams Aloo Bhujiya

Amongst the vast array of goods {or bads} from the house of Haldirams, very little comes close to THE aloo bhujiya. Whip up a sandwich with butter, cheese spread or even pesto with a generous sprinkling of the bhujiya and voila!

Whole Foods' bhel mix

This pretty straightforward mix can be brought to life with fresh onions, tomatoes and lemons. You can then tell people about the time {phase} when you had bhel puri at 5:00 pm.



Jamun Sharbat

The only jamun sharbat I have ever come across is packaged by Farsaan. It isn’t too sweet or too sour, in fact, it was quite magical and refreshing. Pimp with chaat masala, soda and vodka for loveliness.

Rosehip + Mint tea from Kirana Store

Lemon and ginger tea, chamomile and lavender pave the way for the new herbal tea in town - Rosehip & Mint. This is the ideal drink to curb the munchies. The combination of rosehip and mint is genius!


Find them here |

Haldiram's | Outlets all over Delhi, available at local grocery stores.

Whole Foods | 47, Capital Trust House, Community Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi. Also available at Health is Wealth in Defense Colony.

4700 BC Popcorn | Ground Floor, DLF Place, Saket, Delhi

Red Moon Bakery |

Kirana Shop | 131 Mehar Chand Market, Lodi Colony, New Delhi

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