Hydrate Your Skin With These 2 Products

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I like to keep my "beauty regimen" as low maintenance and simple as is possible. And after trying- and spending a lot of money 😭😭- a bunch of local and international products, I think I've finally found 2 keepers. 

For Day: Supergoop Daily Moisturizer

 This SPF 40 daily face moisturizer doubles as a sunscreen and is super hydrating. You don't even need to apply much- a fingertip of Supergoop is all you need. It's a little greasy- especially if you apply foundation/concealer daily, so I usually dab my face with a cotton ball/tissue paper after. Unfortunately, they don't ship to India yet. But hit up that videsi cousin/friend to carry this back with you! It also lasts about 2 months.

Wish Supergoop delivered to India!

My only recommended alternative to this is Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream (which doesn't have any SPF however). It's expensive but worth it. 

For Night: L'Occitane's Reset Serum

L' occitane, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

I love love L'Occitane's Reset Serum. I started using this recently and it's fantastic! Super light, hydrating and for application after your night face-wash / cleanse; pump twice on to your palm and apply it all over your face. 

You can buy this at any L'Occitane store in your city. 

My skin's pretty sensitive; most other products I've tried have either led to me breaking out or have needed multiple applications over the day- ain't nobody got time for that. These two have delivered results. They are expensive but worth the money. 


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