There are many factors that guide an “I do” – love, lust, companionship, money, power… We aren’t here to judge or stand on ceremony, but we are here to have a candid discussion. LBB and Coast Café present – Conversations at Coast.

Have you ever wondered how you will know you’ve found ‘the one’? Is there such a thing as forever? We’re inviting 30 Delhi and Gurgaonwaalas to join us in a conversation on the Great Indian Wedding – what goes on before, and for those willing to share, what goes on after. Relationships, adjustments, compromises, surprises – all in a day’s work for 2 people trying to make it work.

No unsolicited advice, no foolproof tricks, no judgement – just a group of Dilli and Gurgaonwaalas looking to share, gain some perspective, and meet like minded and interesting individuals. While you’re stirring up the conversation, the folks at Coast Café will be stirring some delicious cocktails. Relaxed, open, and full of personality, what better space to host a healthy discussion on a subject with so many perspectives! We’ve even got some fun Dilliwaalas with varied takes on love and relationships to ease you into the flow of things; all you need to do is show up with an open mind! Adding sparkle to this conversation will be one delicious cocktail, and snacks, compliments of Coast Café.

Can’t make it to the discussion? You’re going to want to hear about it though!

Join the discussion crew at the post event mixer, 9pm onwards, at Coast Café. Get a dose of the perspectives and ideas shared, or just enjoy the all new playlist, and the 1+1 on all Coast Café classic cocktails! Reason enough for us!

When: Tuesday, 2nd December

Where: Coast Café, Hauz Khas Village

Time: 7pm to 9pm

9pm onwards: Post event mixer

Fill this simple form to sign up for the discussion or the post event mixer, or both!

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