Chocolate Paan Or Banana Caramel? We're Heading To This New Dessert Joint In Gurgaon

    DLF Phase - 2, Gurgaon


    Iyshkeem in Gurgaon is experimenting with natural flavours and ingredients {chocolate with paan, anyone?} to whip up some delightful smoothies and ice creams.

    Ice Cream Rolls With Whacky Combinations!

    This frozen dessert parlour prepares their ice creams and smoothies with natural ingredients and the result is downright delicious. We love the ice cream rolls, which come in some funky flavours like Banana Caramel River and Chocolate Paan Ice Cream roll. They also do some thick, creamy shakes; we suggest you try their Hazelnut Caramello Shake. Not a shakes person? Try their classic cold coffee instead.

    PS: It’s a delight to watch the chefs make the ice cream rolls. Keep your phones out if you order these.

    Ice Cream Cake? Yes Please!

    Last but not least, they have the best kind of cakes, ice cream cakes! Their brownie vanilla cake is a sinful mixture of scoops of vanilla, brownie chunks, Ferrero Rocher and Kit Kat. Good news, they’ve begun their home delivery, so next time you need to order a birthday cake, you know who to call!


    So We're Saying...

    Head over to MGF Metropolitan Mall and indulge in some guilt-free ice cream at Iyshkeem!

      DLF Phase - 2, Gurgaon