Defence Colony: Iconic Restaurants That Survived The Tide Of Time

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Whilst we love presenting the debut gems on the city’s culinary scene, there are few things in the world that are instant soul warmers–a mother’s hug, your winter razai, and comfort food. Taking cue, we share the capital’s old-school hit eateries, restaurants that have charmed Delhi with their simplicity and food through the years.

Hustlin’ in Defence Colony this week, here are the hood’s five food legends {you’re not a certified Delhiite unless you’ve binged at least three of these}.

Kent’s Fast Food

Established in 1985, this cracker of a snug 20-seater restaurant has been doling out ’Indian’ fast food for over 30 years now. Serving burgers, footlongs, cutlets, ice cream sundaes, and more, they’re reminiscent of the fast food of your childhood. But nostalgic taste buds is not the sole reason why this Defence Colony veteran is always packed – they’re zero on fuss and full on flavour.

Whether it’s your first visit or the 26,487th one, the affable cashier outside and the staff treat you like family, once again making you smile with the old-school hospitality. We at the DSSC HQ never round off an order unless their homestyle cold coffee and chicken burgers are championing the list.


Easy-on-the-pocket alcohol and feel-good Indian Chinese food, need we say more? This watering hole features as the star of many an alcohol-coming-of-age stories of folks from all over the city. Their affordable price point and banter-ready service staff {guard bhaiya FTW} makes it the go-to drinking place for college grads and post-work tipples.

A favourite of the advocates working near the hood, they pair the drinks with classic Chinjabi fare, the perfect alliance of comfort hooch and nibbles. Their Crispy Lamb Sesame Seed, Crispy Honey Chilli Potato, Golden Fried Baby Corn, and array of beers are staples on our weekly orders. #MayThe4sBeWithYou

Colonel’s Kababz

There’s no old-school if there’s no quintessential Mughlai on offer. One of the pioneer chains of Mughlai cuisine restaurants across Delhi NCR, the parent branch of Colonel’s Kababz has aced this feels-like-home fare for 25 years now.

Their kebabs, rolls, tikkas, and biryani have held their own over the years and will take you back to childhood’s big family dinners spread across long tables. In tandem with those times, they’ve kept up with a takeaway window, happy to serve you in your car.

Sagar Ratna

Housing another parent branch of an #awesomesauce restaurant chain, Defence Colony market sure has something up its sleeve. Demystifying south Indian cuisines for Delhi NCR and giving us easy access to the same, Sagar Ratna redefined food from the south for us folks up north.

30 years later, it continues to roar with its uncomplicated selection of idlis, vadas, dosas, and utthapams. High on taste and low on trimmings, it reminds us of the origins of dining out in the city when the main focus was sumptuous, quality food.

If you see Paper Masala Dosa, Medu Vada, and filter coffee being served in excess, feel free to suspect some DSSC activity.

Defence Bakery

This wouldn’t be a feature about Def Col legends without a big shoutout to Defence Bakery. The granddaddy of the hood, this unpretentious bakery has been whipping up delish goodies in the capital for 55 years. Serving super cakes and bakes, they find a fan in all true blue Delhiites. From your everyday bread, to sourdough, hummus, quiches, cheesecakes, and a whole lot more, they cater to any & every bakery need of yours.

Their consistency in serving on-point savour is nothing short of genius! Bagfuls of their lemon tart and demolished Chocolate Fudge cake boxes materialise at the HQ more often than we’d like to admit.

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