Made With The Finest Ingredients, Check Out These Immunity Series Soaps

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What Makes It Awesome

Handmade soaps that contain only the finest, naturally occurring ingredients are what you'll find at Idika - Earth's Finest. Sourced from a location 8,000 ft above ground (we're just glad this is a trek we didn't have to go on), their Immunity Series soaps contain bacteria-fighting herbs that can protect our bodies against germs, infections and all of that gross stuff we want far, far away (maybe even 8,000 ft away.)

Some of the soaps we love include the Muddy Hibiscus which has a floral scent, Purple Tulsa and Yellow Neem. The soaps are available as saboons (soap bars), liquid body wash and liquid hand wash (and we all know how often we're running out of those.) The soaps are also mildly exfoliating so it helps improve skin texture, too. 

All these products are sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free! They even have beauty tools such as Himalayan Mitti foot and body scrubber. If you want your immunity game to be up, you must try the Tulsa immunity body wash that has the goodness of ancient Ayurvedic herbs. These body washes are also available in hibiscus and neem fragrances.

The range is affordable and costs about INR 150 for a soap bar, INR 200 for a hand wash, INR 300 for a body wash.


While they're limited to soaps (for now), they're going to be adding a bunch of new skincare products soon and even some natural dog treats made with Himalayan ingredients. 


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