This Online Store Has Cute Panda & Bunny Print Notebooks That We Love

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What Makes It Awesome

I am not someone who likes to hoard things but stationery hoarding is something that I can't let go off (actually, I do not wish to). I recently came across this online notebook store called IMI Studios and my eyes glittered as I kept scrolling. Wonder why? Keep reading.

IMI Studios was started in the year 2016 to sell quirky notebooks that are also pretty. Indeed, they are. From their collection, I was attracted to their donut-print notebook, their baby-pandas notebook (cute pandas all over, who would mind?), and the super-cute bunny notebook. Do you know the best part? Well, all of these are priced at INR 125 and they have 96 pages each. Not bad, right? Also, these notebooks are not just great for me, but perfect if I am looking to gift these to friends too, if they love fun notebooks as much as I do.

They even have zodiac-signs notebooks so, if you are someone who reads zodiac (like me), those would attract you too - priced at INR 100 only.

Are you placing your orders now?


Once you're done gushing over the stationery at IMI Studios, check out their super affordable Home Decor. We love the cute motivational wall frames. An absolute must for any home/room.The brand is available to shop on LBB as well, so shop for easy-peasy deliveries!


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