Food For All Mood. That's Right! Fine Dining, Casual Evening Or Cocktails. You Name It, They Have It.

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What Makes It Awesome

Being a sucker for cute terraces and chill vibes, we chose to visit Civil House in Khan Market. The place is divided into two floors catering to your civil and not so civil moods. The 1st floor is for the fine dining lovers {perfect for families} while the second floor has a more casual setting {and that's where the bar is}. The cute wall accents, furniture with pastel hues, jazz music in the background and adorable decor - the warm and cosy ambience is what you want on a chilly winter evening. Start with their signature cocktails - The Botanist and a Not So Civil Margarita. The Botanist is a mix of green apple infused vodka with cinnamon foam & Oreo cookie powder dust. It not only looks intriguing but also tastes absolutely delicious {especially with the Oreo touch}. The Margarita on the other hand comes with its own set of interesting flavours. The passion fruit and caramel flavoured margarita were topped with flambe secret herbs & spices which really add on to the taste and are an absolute delight to your taste buds.

Moving on to the food, from Jolokia Spice Pork Ribs and Wasabi Tempura Prawns with Crispy Stuffed Bullet Chillies and Crispy Quinoa Cake, they've got something for every palate. What stood out was the Crispy Quinoa Cake that came with a hot spicy tomato sauce and the Wasabi Tempura Prawns that came with a home-made jalapeno chilli dip. For mains, try their special quinoa base pizza. For someone who isn't a quinoa fan, the pizza is a pleasant surprise! For meat lovers, they've got a lot of options from classic roast chicken with tomato pearl couscous to red wine braised lamb shanks.

What's My Pro Tip?

Instagrammers and Snapchatters - keep your phones handy for the desserts. Try their Tiramisu and Vanilla Panna cotta with an orange and pink peppercorn gastrique. Not only are these sinfully delicious but also look absolutely irresistible and are totally Instagram worthy.
Oh, and try to get a table outside.

Anything Else?

Be it a cosy Sunday brunch or a chill evening with friends, head over to Civil House for a good time!