When someone recently told us that it simply wasn’t possible for Crystal Jade on Golf Course Road to be of the same fame as THE Crystal Jade from Singapore, we had to investigate.

Turns out, it is indeed the same Crystal Jade as is found in Qingdao, Guangzhou, Foshan, Pantianak, Seoul, Tokyo and Hanoi! Amongst others. Phew.

So why aren’t we queuing up like the lines at the Great Wall, already? It turns out that the restaurant wanted to get operations up and running, and the chefs from Singapore properly settled in, before telling the town that they had arrived.

In a time where authentic Chinese is everywhere, what does this mean? Well, we discovered that precision and pleasure are no accident. Years of making dim sum have taught their kitchens that the outer casing for each dumpling should be exactly 7 grams. Not 6, not 8. And the cooked fillings are exactly 7 grams too, with a certain soupy secret that make them perfectly juicy.


All the known classics might not find a place on their menu, but whatever they do definitely make up the classics, along with a trick or two we didn’t know earlier. No Manchow soup for you! A superb Sweet Corn, by all means. And Peking Duck, if you please.

We suggest taking the recommendations of the lovely Mr. Lu, who informs us that the reason their mains are low on sauce is because they typically demand fair amounts of cornstarch and don’t always enhance the core flavours of the main ingredients. Therefore, we found that the lamb was beautifully tender with no unnecessary coating, the prawns were simply tossed with veggies and spices, and the wok fried vegetables were fresh, none of it drowning in saucy encounters.

If you find that your order can’t be customized to your liking to a point beyond recognition, it has less to do with the restaurant’s unwillingness to oblige, and more to do with the fact that the team has to be confident in communicating exactly what you want with the Chinese chefs, as well as relaying {politely, of course} what their better judgment suggests. A small price to pay for commitment to Cantonese.

You’ll find a dessert section sans sizzling chocolate brownie, and we think that’s a good thing; instead try their many mango specialties instead. You won’t be jaded!

Where: Ground Floor, Central Plaza Mall {the one with Berco’s}, Golf Course Road, Sector 53.

For more information: Click here

Nearest Metro Station: Sikanderpur

Contact: +91- 124-4078151

Prices: Approximately INR 2000-2500 for a meal for two.