8 Indie Makeup Brands We Love That Should Be In Sephora

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When Sephora launched in India I was super excited I'd finally get to try makeup brands without having to ask relatives to bring it back when they go on holiday. But after having used my fair share of Anastasia Beverly Hills or Smashbox Cosmetics, I wanted some more affordable and homegrown options, too. So I did the work and found indie makeup brands that deserve their very own section in Sephora online and in-store. 

Disguise Cosmetics

Disguise Cosmetics had to be the first one because I think of them to be the OG indie, vegan makeup brand that every makeup artist recommends if you're trying to shop locally. They do a few different products like skincare, kajals, and nail paints but I recommend you try the matte lipsticks and eyeshadow sticks first.

Price: Starting at INR 200

I also love these vegan makeup brands!

Boss Lady Cosmetic

I'm not comparing those $90 Louboutin lipsticks to Boss Lady Cosmetic's but, well, the packaging reminds me of it, okay? Thankfully their lipsticks are priced way cheaper at INR 899 and their products are vegan, sustainable and chemical-free. 

Price: Starting at INR 675

Kiro Beauty


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Kiro Beauty has makeup products that are skincare infused so if you're someone who loves natural products like Bite Beauty or Milk Makeup at Sephora, you'll love Kiro. They use ingredients like vitamin c, rosehip oil, shea butter in their lipsticks, blushes and eyeliners which gives off a natural, fresh look.

Price: Starting at INR 800

Check out some more lesser-known (but still awesome) organic beauty brands here.



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You'll see a lot of unique stuff at Sephora online but one thing you haven't (yet) is ghee infused kajal like the one by Sonaturals, an Indian makeup brand that's eco-friendly, sustainable and so natural it's close to being edible. They also have matte lipsticks, lip creams and some hair products.

Price: Starting at INR 199

Ilana Organics

Ilana Organics

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Ilana Organics is more skincare than makeup, a bit like Burt's Bees, but if Burt's Bees can have a section at Sephora with 20 different lip balms, so can Ilana. They have a beet tint (sort of like Benefit's Benetint) and a pot concealer that you could even double as a foundation.

Price: Starting at INR 1,220 for makeup products

Ellement Co

Ellement Co.

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If you've spent hours (and hours) trying to pick a new shade for your nails, I'm about to enable your problem even more because Ellement Co is an Indian nail paint brand I love for it's awesome shade range and the fact that it's free of the 9 chemicals found i most nail paints. They also last for 5-7 days without chipping and they're more affordable than the OPI nail paints at Sephora online. 

Price: INR 450


If you're constantly digging out lipsticks from the bottom of your purse, well, same. But to add to that pile, I've got Tinge for you, an Indian makeup brand that's vegan, cruelty-free and got seriously good lipstick options in a ton of shades. They have lip balms, lipsticks, lip glosses, sort of like Sephora's own brand section.

Price: Starting at INR 590

Okay, hoarder, check out these lipstick shades to add to your collection. 

Sugar Cosmetics

Sort of like the NYX of India, Sugar Cosmetics has a huge range of products, from lipsticks to nail paints to eyeshadows. They also have a super extensive shade range so it's unlikely you won't find something that you'll love.

Price: Starting at INR 250


With makeup out of the way, check out these hair products for dreamy #NoBadHairDays type of tresses.


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