13 Indoor Activities For When It's Too Hot Outside

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Done with the sun? No plan for a tan? No worries. Nobody said you couldn’t have a great day out when it’s scorching hot outside. Check out these fun, indoor activities you can do around the city without hitting your boiling point.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Who said you can’t jump and climb around like a monkey indoors? Delhi Rock in GK is just the place to do that. They’ve got high walls, an arch (which is a challenge to climb on top of), rope-climbing and more to put your arms and shoulders through a strength test. People living near Gurgaon can check out Climb Central too.

Price: INR 500 onwards for Delhi Rock, INR 700 (full day access) onwards for Climb Central

Laser Tag

Oh My Game will have you playing laser tag with all your friends. Apart from laser tag, there are arcade games, soft-play games for children and a wide assortment of food and drink. For all gamers, there's a PS4 attached with SONY VR for a virtual reality experience as well as virtual gaming.

Price: INR 700 for 1 hour per person.

Gaming & Sky-Karting

With multi-level sky karting tracks (only at the Gurgaon, Sector 29 branch), VR gaming (virtual roller coaster anyone?), cricket simulators, bowling alleys, laser tag and more – Smaaash makes for the perfect, indoor activity hub. They’ve even got a multi-cuisine restaurant and a bar to unwind at afterwards. Find out more here.

Price: INR 400 onwards

Ice Skating

Best way to beat the heat? Entering an ice rink, of course. There are a couple of them around the city—iSkate in Gurgaon and Snow World in Noida. The former has a huge rink which can easily accommodate about 150 people, with enough instructors to guide you and a cafe to hang at. Snow World (previously known as Ski India), the latter, is Delhi NCR’s first ski resort, complete with skiing and slope tobogganing to bobsledding, snow-sledging, ice-skating and a snow carousel.

Price: INR 799

Jump Away At This Trampoline Park

Skyjumper Indoor Trampoline Park is spread across 13,000 sq. ft. (that’s massive) and has 100 wall-to-wall interconnected trampolines you can jump on. They also have a big pool of foam cubes you can leap, hop, or go flying into. You can enjoy a jumpy game of volleyball on the trampolines, or go for the one-on-one variant. There’s dodgeball, too, so you can take out all your frustration with some well-aimed headshots. A recent addition to the world of trampoline parks is Zooper which is India's first glow in the dark trampoline park in Sector 52 Gurgaon.

Price: INR 700-850 depending on the day you go.

Learn Pottery

With beginner’s sessions and classes with no batches, The Clay Company has pottery classes and courses that you can take up to either explore your interest in clay, or to just try out a new kind of weekend activity. The basic foundation course is for 2.5 hours,and will teach you all the basics. For more options, check out our list of pottery classes in town.

Price: INR 1,650 for 2.5 hour long class

Go Bowling

There’s nothing like watching the ten pins go down all at once—bowling is almost cathartic. Delhi’s got a bunch of bowling alleys spread across town—be it a booze-bowling fest at Yes Minister, Glued Reloaded or Amoeba you can always say your goodbyes to the heat and head in for a game or two. Find out more here. 

Price: depending on the day you go, it's generally upwards of INR 350 per person

Solve Mysteries & Escape

Mystery Rooms are a great way to put your wits and problem-solving skills to the test in a fun way—the only sweating you do here is the mental kind. The city’s got a lot of these puzzle hubs with different scenarios. Be it a defuse-the-bomb situation, or a murder mystery theme – escape rooms always make for a fun time with the gang.

Price: INR 600 onwards

Sign Up For Art Workshops

It's always a good time to brush up your artistic skills because you never have any idea when or how you might end up needing them and also, creating art can be a lot of fun. Thankfully, Delhi has a bunch of ventures like HobbMob Studio, Delhi Drawing Room and Culture Chauraha that host the most fun workshops and classes. These places offer everything from DIY fairy light-making and block-printing workshops to paint parties, and calligraphy and macrame classes. 

Price: INR 1,000 - INR 3,000

Cooking Classes

Tastesutra is a venture that helps people master cusines and dishes in the most fun and interactive way. The art of plating, chopping, cleaning and cooking everything from starters to desserts (with 7-8 types of dishes) are some of the many things attendees are taught in these classes. The classes are organised in groups of two and can go up to a maximum of 25 people in one group.

Find out more here.

Price: INR 1,000 - INR 3,000

Indoor Theme Park

Delhi's indoor theme parks for you to get your adrenaline racing without cursing the sun. You can check out one of Oh! Max Wonderland in Noida has interactive based theme rooms on Titanic, Taj Mahal, Chocolate Factory and more. There's also an adventures area and a mirror maze! 

Price: INR 500 upwards

Watch A Play

Delhi's theatre scene has a lot to offer and one of our top picks is Kamani Auditorium. It's been up and running since 1971 and it's the perfect hub for theatre kids to witness amazing plays and dramas. You can check out both national and international plays and embrace the theatre buff within you.

Price: Depends on the show but ranges between INR 500-1000 (approx)

Check Out These Museums

Yes, Delhi has museums and yes, you should definitely check them out. Whether you're someone who loves stargazing (Nehru Planetarium is where you need to be), or you're a definite science geek (National Science Center is perfect for you!), there's truly something for everyone in our city!

Price: INR 80 for a show


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