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Video Games Are So Yesterday, Try A Round Of Indoor Laser Tag For Only INR 200!


    Point and shoot already. Right opposite the Amity University gate stands Laser Wars Lounge {you might spot the Darth Vader face from a distance} that’s offering finger foods, shisha and an indoor laser tag arena so your chill time’s sorted with all kinds of supplies. 

    Target Everyone

    If you have friends in Amity University, you’ve probably heard about this small hangout where most frenemies settle their scores over a quick game. If not, you’re probably not moving in the right circles.

    Started by a laser tag lover himself, this set-up not only manages to recreate the magic of the game indoors but also boasts of really cool equipment {jackets, guns and co.} and crazy sound effects. From the outside, this grey building doesn’t look like much but inside, it’s a different, exciting story.

    A quick round here costs INR 200 per person but if you decide to go for three at a stretch, the price comes down to INR 500 {if you’re a serious gamer, we suggest you choose the latter}. There are different game formats based on whether you’re going solo or with your gang and the best part is, even the sweetest, most harmless friends get to enjoy without the fear of being injured {paintball bruises no more!}.

    After an intense game, you’ll at least know that one friend who can take a bullet for the team and we suggest taking all those post-tag analysis to this cafe that’s a stone’s throw away – order a glass of cold vanilla shake for the angry boy of the group.

    So, We're Saying...

    Wear comfy, running shoes because things can get dark and bumpy inside.

    The good folks at Laser Lounge are also open to letting you plan birthday parties and get-togethers here that come with food and play package deals.