What’s¬†The Scoop?

My favourite beauty brand du jour, Innisfree, has worked wonders for my super sensitive skin and my super lazy {or lack thereof} beauty routine.

Who Is It Best For?

Tomboys looking for easy-peasy beauty routines that require the least amount of time. Innisfree’s products are relatively more affordable than any other branded products I’ve found in the market and they work wonders for my uber sensitive skin.

What Was Your Experience Like?


Photo source: Innisfree India

I’ll be honest with you guys; Innisfree is the best Diwali present I’ve ever got. I rarely ever use face products apart from the face creams and multani mitti by Forest Essentials. But I’d been hearing good things about Innisfree, so when I got their Green Tea Sleeping Pack and Green Barley multi-cleansing tissue, I thought I’d switch up my 2 minute-at-most-joke-of-a-night-time-beauty-routine. And I’m hooked!

The cleansing tissue is ideal for people who barely put any make up, are pretty much always on the move. I keep it handy in my bag and use it once a day to clean my face after running around the length and breadth of Delhi for meetings.

Next up, their Green tea sleeping pack is a life saver. I’ve had the most blemish-free skin for the past few weeks thanks to this Korean beauty brand. I’ve got an oily T-zone, my skin gets dry during the winter, and despite my strange and sensitive skin, this night time pack has worked wonders for me.

Anything Else?

Innisfree is pretty affordable compared to most international {and Ayurvedic} beauty brands. The Green Barley Tissues are INR 550 and I think the Green Tea Pack’s for approx INR 1,100.

Am I going back for seconds? Yes.

Featured photo source: Innisfree World