Try Homemade Heavenly Cakes & More From Chocestra to Brighten Up a Rainy Day!

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What Makes It Awesome?

We're big on cheesecakes as a family. I can make the usual ones, not a problem but sometimes the heart wants a truly gourmet cheesecake that's not a premix or too commercial, a cheesecake made with love. So we've spent the last couple of months trying out a lot of bakers, with all this lockdown time to kill, may as well find the best foods around the city.

I bumped into Chocestra on Instagram and I am so glad I did. Chocestra is an endeavour by Mehak Parkash who is doling out some of the finest confections and cakes from her very own kitchen. Since I love homemade goodies, this ticked all the boxes and we ordered her Japanese Cotton Cheesecake. That's a tricky cheesecake to go with but it's also a great way to test a new baker and I am happy to report, the Chocestra Cotton Cheesecake was super light, airy and like a melt in the mouth souffle. The subtle saltiness of the cheese and perfect sweetness had us smitten from the first bite. This is now our go-to cheesecake to order for a weekend treat! Apart from the cheesecake, the kitchen also churns out custom cakes, the next one we plan to try is Bailey's Mousse cake, well, because, it has Bailey's in it! Though we're more into good old fashioned indulgent bakes, Chocestra also does Organic, Gluten-free and Vegan Cakes to traditional desserts and even hand-rolled Chocolates.

When I called to thank the sisters behind Chocestra, they told me about their confectionery brand, English Toffee Company, where they showcase handmade candies like Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee, Toffee Cracker, Magic Bars, Rocky Road, Cinder Toffee and Hazelnut Crunch. We're now hooked to the toffee cracker and dark chocolate almond toffee, they're absolutely unique and addictive, the toffee cracker is a biscuit base with caramel and dark chocolate layers, perfect stick sweet texture and ideal for a netflix binge. We have a birthday coming up in the house and I've already planned to order the Cotton Cheesecake again and a couple of boxes of candy for the birthday boy's Goodie Basket! To place an order you can DM or whatsapp