Do Jaeger Bombs at 314 Bucks at My Bar Headquarters!

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What do you do when it’s the end of the month {read broke} and you still wanna party? You go out and party at My Bar Headquarters. Newly opened in CP, this place has outdone itself in terms of seating space, quality of service and of course, My Bar’s USP, liquor prices. One of the better elements at this restaurant and bar is the crowd.

We cannot complain about the live music and DJ, who keep the tempo up and thus, spirits high. In addition to that, we hear rumours of a karaoke room. Booze is {as has always been} the prime factor that puts this watering hole on the map for regular partygoers. Shots of vodka and gin start at INR 60, and a pint of beer is INR 85. Let us go a step further and recommend the liqueur section, which serves Baileys at INR 210 and Jagermeister at INR 250. The bar’s major plus would be its huge floor, and seating area with ambience that’s just right to help you let your hair down. This would be a perfect spot to loosen up with a group of friends over the weekend, because the pitchers of beer are mindblastingly affordable.

Though food is almost always secondary at My Bar, the menu here has been created keeping varied tastes in mind. The chinese appetisers and starters are our favourites, but if you’re looking for a meal, the Penne with Grilled Chicken is a winner. The expansive list of 300 tempting dishes is sure to get your attention. You might even forget about the alcohol for a second.

Timings: 11am – 1am

Contact: +91 9711680800


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