Eat Your Heart Out: Where and What to Eat in Jaipur

    Here at LBB, we’ve got a few things we must do on every vacation, and sampling a wide array of cuisines definitely figures in the top three. We’re anticipating you’ll be in the Pink city for the Lit Fest, and if you’re bored of festival stalls and fast food, here’s what we think you simply cannot miss.


    Jammie’s Kitchen

    Jammie’s bridges the gap between pricey hotel restaurants and moderately priced dining options. Their choice of seafood, especially the fish, comes highly recommended and can be enjoyed under giant white umbrellas or canopies in the outdoors.

    Dragon House

    With red and gold décor, The Dragon House will compel you to order their Dim Sums, the Master Blaster Chicken, and the Fish Shirgi. This is the place to satiate your Chinese cravings.


    If you’re going for the iconic, then you know Niros is a must visit. Serving north Indian, Chinese and Continental food, there’s something for every taste. #LBBTip: Try their Rajasthani fare for a difference experience altogether.

    Little Italy

    We don’t believe they need an introduction in terms of food served, but know this, with chains around the country and the world, for when you need an Italian fix or a switch from all the Maas, Little Italy should be on top of your list.


    The good news is that Palladio is a ten minute walk from the Lit Fest venue. The even better news? It’s outdoors, candle-lit and you can eat under canopies. A well-stocked bar and some delish ravioli makes this a perfect dinner venue.

    Jaipur Modern Kitchen

    More of a cafe, quick snack getaway joint, the perfectly-manicured garden is great under the sun or stars, and ideal for a quick coffee and sandwich.


    Opened in 1979 at the Ambassdor Hotel {now part of Taj Vivanta}, New Delhi, Dasaprakash used to be a family ritual  – our weekly fix of authentic South Indian dosas and thalis. They shut shop here and opened in Jaipur and though the ambience of the Jaipur outlet lacks the class and feel of its Delhi predecessor, it retains the awesome taste.


    Expect to enter an intriguing set up – a thatched-tent-like-roof, low-hanging Rajasthani lamps, and those ubiquitous Rajasthani bird/puppet danglers. The village décor aside, this place is a must-visit for what is, quite possibly, the best Lal Maas in the city. Also good for other Indian food, be sure to drop in if you’re craving rich, spicy Rajasthani cuisine, in the heart of the city.

    Rawat Mishtan Bhandar

    We were first introduced to Rawat’s kachori by a friend who carted some all the way from Jaipur and ever since, we make it a point to stop here on every visit to Jaipur.

    1135 AD

    When in Jaipur, dine like a Maharaja {or Maharani} at this uber-fancy restaurant, located right within the fortified confines of the Amber Fort. Luxurious and romantic, this grand venue features pure silver crockery, sparkling chandeliers, a recast roof with glass inlay and gold leaf motifs, and regal furniture with silver-plated armrests. The perfect combination of grandeur and great food.


    Jaipur’s version of Delhi’s Bukhara, Peshawri is a classic, and will transport you to a village in Punjab once you taste the Dal Bukhara, Butter Chicken and kebabs.

    Spice Court

    A multi-cuisine joint, Spice Court is Jaipur’s poster-boy for Lal Maas and Jungle Mass done right. If dining out at night, choose to sit in their outdoor section. Rajasthani folk dances and puppet shows add a dash of culture and entertainment.


    Another hotel offering, this one is at the Jai Mahal Palace. Sit by the poolside in a charming Italian eatery, set in a red brick courtyard. Giardino has an open kitchen, which makes for a more interactive experience.

    3 D’S

    North Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisine, mix and match a meal at 3 D’s with a side order of a spectacular view. On the slight downside, the service is a bit slow, so go if you have a few hours to kill, the view is so worth it.


    Laxmi Mishtan Bhandar {LMB}

    An iconic Jaipur hotel, restaurant and sweet shop, it was established in 1954 and is said to be Jaipur’s first three-star hotel. It’s come to be most famous for its food and traditional mithai shop. Sample the sweet lassi before you move on to their version of the traditional Rajasthani thali. A winner if you’re looking for a breakfast/brunch option.

    Taruveda Bistro

    From a collection of luxury lifestyle brands for sale, to promoting organic living, and a bistro offering world cuisines, Taruveda offers an experience that is beyond just a meal. From coffee to sushi, if you’re a true foodie, this is your best bet to choose from a wide range of flavours and classic dishes done to perfection. 


    Anokhi Café

    You can’t go wrong with this firang-favourite; organic, wholesome, freshly prepared food, served in a charming, sunlit, tourist-packed space. Small but cute, with a thatched roof and ‘mooda’ seats – this is the best place to curl up with a book, or catch up on work using their free wifi.

    On The House Bistro & Bakery

    One of the hidden gems of Jaipur and popularly known as ‘OTH’, this bistro and bakery is as good as the show with the same abbreviation. Located in the heart of the city but devoid of parking issues, OTH has a diverse menu, with pastas, pizzas, breads, eggs benedict et all.

    Dzurt Patisserie and Café

    Over dosed on kaju barfis and gulab jamuns? This little French patisserie serves Cheesecake, Crème Brulee and Croissants – just the break you might be looking for. #LBBTip: Google map your way here.


    The Forresta Kitchen and Bar

    Looking to have a night free from the city’s hustle bustle? This serene kitchen-bar is your answer.

    The Polo Bar- Rambagh Palace

    This aptly-named bar is bedecked with the sport’s memorabilia and serves up single malts, wines, liqueur and Cuban cigars.  Perfect for when you want to make a post-festival chakkar.

    Ta Blu- Hotel Clarks Amer

    A popular rooftop restaurant, the open blue sky, eclectic décor, live acts and extensive drinks menu make it perfect for a romantic evening.  Chances of you running into the who’s who of the Pink city are pretty high.

    100% Rock

    A franchise of the well-loved Adchini {Delhi} bar, 100% Rock is perhaps the only place in Jaipur that plays a good selection of rock music, and as an added bonus, offers a greater variety of cuisines than its Delhi counterpart.

    Lounge 18

    A well-stocked bar, skilled {lady} bartenders, leather upholstered couches you can sink into, and delicious cocktails –  Lounge 18 in Jaipur’s Marriot hotel is perfect for some Friday night shenanigans.



    Having undergone a transformation from the time it was established in the 90s, Mamu’s is now a household name, with people of all ages flocking here for coffee and the extensive menu which includes Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Continental food.


    The real Lassiwala is very hard to locate due to imitation lassiwalas having set up shop {rather shamelessly} all over Jaipur. LBBD insider info – the real deal is ‘Shop 312’, and rest assured, lassi in clay handis from Lassiwala at 312 will not disappoint. Be sure to get there early though, as they only serve till stocks last.

    Aunty’s Café

    This is an Indian street food haven with a diverse menu ranging from chola bhatura and dosa to American Chopsuey. Like any street-side restaurant, this is not for the faint stomached. If you’re a seasoned roadside eater, knock yourself out.

    Pandit Pav Bhaji

    Make a trip to Birla Mandir, and you’ll see a line of Pav Bhaji walas across the road. You’re spoilt for choice here, because they’re all fairly good.

    Kiran’s Gol Gappas

    No trip to anywhere in India is complete without golgappas, so whatever you call them in your part of town, make your way to Kiran’s for some spicy, flavourful ones.