We Found Such Stunning Vintage & Glass Jewellery In Chandni Chowk!

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What Makes It Awesome

We were walking the streets of Kinari Bazaar when we walked by a shop window with the most gorgeous vintage style jewellery and forgot everything.

Since Dariba Kalan in Chandni Chowk is the lane more famously known for its silver shops, we were not really looking for jewellery in Kinari Bazar. So when we passed by this shop, we did a double-take – the stuff was gorgeous. The ones that stood out were the antique style earrings  – Victorian carnelian shell cameo jewellery, to be precise (yes, we Googled it!). Carved in lovely pastel shades like teal, peach, and pink, and deeper shades like burgundy and charcoal grey, these beauties almost look like the real thing.

Just as we thought we’d seen enough beauty for the day, we saw the most beautiful coloured glass earrings, reminiscent of  Ikroop’s style. In stunning shades and designs, these earrings were nothing less than statement pieces. We can totally picture wearing them for a cocktail sangeet with our breezy sarees and contemporary lehengas.

Price: Starting at INR 500 (approximately) for a pair of earrings


We're told that the shop has moved from Kinari Bazaar to somewhere close by. Just call on the given number once you reach Kinari Bazaar and Mr Vijay Agarwal will guide you to the new location of the shop. 

Disclaimer: Please make sure you take precautions by practicing social distancing and wearing masks at all times while heading out. 


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