This Gorgeous Property In The Jaisalmer Fort Lets You Enjoy Splendid Views For Under 4K A Night


    Pikoo’s house located within the Jaisalmer Fort premises will remind you of a bygone era. It is one of the biggest havelis inside the fort having a courtyard of its own, offering a splendid view of the whole city and it’s not as expensive as you’d imagine. For INR 3,500 per night for two people, this haveli offer the best of views, rooms, food and experiences.

    A Fort-ified Experience

    As kids, we’d always wanted to live inside a fort but little did we know that just a night’s stay at any fort in the country would cost us a few thousands… easily. But with this Airbnb, our childhood aspirations don’t seem like a distant dream.

    Pikoo’s home is not exactly a fort but is definitely located within one and that too, within the Jaisalmer Fort – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This 12th century palatial property is where the First Royal Family of Jaisalmer resided and has been passed on to successors ever since.

    The property has a massive courtyard, interconnected balconies and a rooftop with views you only ever find in the movies. Every nook and corner of Pikoo’s home with its rich heritage and antique vibe adds to the overall charm of the house.The room that’s open for bookings is not extravagantly fancy but is clean, spacious, has antique furniture, large windows and a view we can spend days admiring. They provide 24×7 hot water, Wi-Fi, free pick up facility, breakfast {yay} and an electric kettle on request. 

    All Things Good

    The haveli has an old world charm, so if you go there expecting a fancy jacuzzi, a home theatre and the like, you will be disappointed. However, what this property does have is warm and hospitable staff and hosts.

    Pikoo is more than happy to host an authentic Rajasthani dinner on the property’s rooftop for you or give you a masterclass. She can even arrange for traditional folk music and dance programmes, a maalish with homemade herb-infused oils and if you wish to impress bae, she’ll help you plan a romantic candle-light dinner near an oasis. Star-light sky, great food, the peaceful desert and the company of your beloved, does it get any better?

    Well, it kinda does. Pikoo has a pet doggo, who you might find frolicking around the property and isn’t it always fun to have pets around when you’re holidaying?

    So, We're Saying...

    This place should be on your radar if you're planning a quick getaway with bae or your friends, especially since it's so close to Delhi.