Clean Up! These People Will Teach You A Japanese Technique To Declutter Your Home

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Keeping your room clean is a task but messy surroundings are always the reason you find it hard to concentrate. Hence, a one of its kind clutter management company, Joy Factory leverages ancient Japanese values of organising to help you declutter your way to happiness.

Cut The Clutter

How many times have you really looked around you and acknowledged that you have a problem of plenty? In our manic times today, there exists an overload, both mentally and physically. It is this chaos that the peeps behind Joy Factory want to eliminate from your life. The premise is super simple: To transform our crazy disordered and jumbled premises into spaces of order, serenity and calm.

Survival Of The Fittest

Joy Factory uses two highly effective methods to ensure that you make quick visible changes in your surroundings. The KonMari method, a brainchild of the Japanese guru Marie Kondo focuses on positivity and tells you to keep the things that spark joy {and discard those that don’t}. Joy Factory is the only company in India to be officially following the KonMari method of tidying and organising.

Coupled with this, their own unique formula of C2S2 {C- Collect, C- Choose, S- Scrap, S- Store} ensures a streamlined and effective approach to de-cluttering and storing. They combine C2S2 with Hygge {pronounced as Hoo-Ga} so as to make your de-cluttering process a joyful one. Hygge is a Danish concept that encourages you to embrace togetherness with your loved ones and focuses on letting go of the everyday.

So, We're Saying...

Don’t be a hoarder! Let Joy Factory turn your disorder and chaos into a place of pure joy and happy inspiration.


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