Love ZARIIN's Celestial Jewellery? Check Out These 5 Labels

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There was a time when you could not scroll through your Instagram without seeing someone wear that zodiac necklace from ZARIIN. You know the one that I'm talking about, with the thick chain links and 3 ways to wear it videos. As someone who caved and still regularly wears hers all the time (can it be Sagittarius szn already?), I know not everyone wants to drop INR 3,500 on a necklace, or maybe you'd just like to embrace astrology and the stars even more with your accessories.

Check out these indie labels for more astrology jewellery to help you follow the stars. 

Madiha Jaipur X ODC

Zodiac Jewellery From Madiha Jaipur X ODC

Zodiac Jewellery From Madiha Jaipur X ODC

Minimalist, unconventional and undeniably chic, Madiha Jaipur's astrology collection uses upcycled wood to make necklaces and bracelets so you could gift yourself or a friend an entire set and it'd still end up being cheaper than just one Zariin necklace.

Price: INR 1236 for the bracelet, INR 1339 for the necklace

Mitali Jain

Phases Of The Moon Jewellery From Mitali Jain

Phases Of The Moon Jewellery From Mitali Jain

Another Jaipur brand, Mitali Jain, has an entire collection that's inspired by the various phases of the moon, from a full gold moon to a galaxy-effect moon. They're available as rings, necklaces and bracelets that are minimal and contemporary in design.

Price: INR 900 for the moon rings and bracelets, INR 1,000 for the moon necklace


Zodiac Necklaces From Tistabene

Zodiac Necklaces From Tistabene

Tistabene's got dainty zodiac necklaces that come in multiple finishes like gold, rose gold and rhodium. Other than the classic zodiac signs, they also have some other motifs like fish that a water sign would love, or maybe the tree for an earth sign!

Price: INR 450 for the zodiac necklaces

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Shop Lune

Lunar World From Shop Lune

Lunar World From Shop Lune

An indie, aesthetic-on-point lover's dream come true, Shop Lune, as the name suggests, has gorgeous pieces featuring stars, the moon, and planets like chokers, earrings and rings. They're pricier than Zariin's jewellery since they're made with mostly sterling silver or feature gold plating. 

Price: The lunar world collection starts at INR 1,250


Horoscope Bracelet From Zara

Horoscope Bracelet From Zara

The jewellery at Zara has always been a hit or miss for me but lately, they've been killing it with their collection not just in apparel but accessories, too. They've combined Y2K's beaded jewellery obsession with astrology to make bracelets that seem sort of summer camp but, honestly, I'd still wear 'em. 

Price: INR 890

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