Get Unique Bridal Jewellery At Shimmer Bespoke Jewellers

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What Makes it Awesome

If you're on the hunt for stunning wedding jewellery, Shimmer Bespoke Jewellers may be of some help to you. This boutique jewellery store does all kinds of luxury jewellery.

For instance, they have beautiful polki-work gold jewellery, emerald and diamond-encrusted necklaces and jewellery sets, among many other things. The best part about their jewellery is how it is crafted. Generally,  bridal jewellery incorporates wax as a means to keep the stone-work intact and that makes it quite heavy to wear. But Shimmer Bespoke Jewellers craft their pieces without the wax, making them much lighter. 

 Although, they mainly retail bridal jewellery, you can also find other more minimal accessories like rings, bangles and bracelets in their store.

What Could Be Better

They mostly have a good variety of bridal jewellery but their options for minimal, simple pieces are limited. 


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