There's A Stunning Banarasi Sari Emporium Inside This Old Delhi House

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What Makes It Awesome

Jhinjhanvi's Sari Emporium is a shop located in the Chitli Qabar market. It's a beautiful hidden gem, and if it weren't for my awesome colleague who told me about this beauty, I wouldn't have discovered it! The shop is owned by Naseer Jhinjhanvi Alvi & Albina Sardar Ali. While Naseer is the son of late poet Musheer Jhinjhanvi, the shop’s other partner is Albina Sardar Ali, daughter of the late Justice Sardar Ali. 

The shop is located inside a heritage home, so it definitely has that Old Delhi charm. Jhinjhanvi's Sari Emporium has a traditional gaddi system, where you can sit on a light mattress on the floor while the owner takes you through the kind of apparel they've got. The Banarasi saris they sell are stuh-ning! 

At Jhinjhanvi's Sari Emporium, you can find everything from suits, and fabrics to authentic Banarasi silk saris in all kinds of colours and variants. And trust us when we say this, their collection of Banarasi saris are superbly crafted and therefore, very pretty! You can get authentic Banarasi saris here for INR  30K (and above), suits start at INR 1500, and you can get fabrics for INR 400/metre. 

What Could Be Better

The entrance to the shop is little difficult to find (because of the way the stairs up to it are built), but other than that, there's really nothing that could be better. 


The Emporium opens at 8 am in the morning, however, the owners stay in the same house and tell us that we can visit any hour of the day.  

Disclaimer: We'd recommend you take all the safety precautions by maintaining social distancing and wearing masks at all times while heading out. 


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