Jom Jom Your Way Through Malay Food At This New Restaurant

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Another new restaurant at the recently revamped Ansal Plaza, Jom Jom is a well-lit welcoming space with a menu that focuses on Malaysian food beyond the famed Nasi Goreng.

Take A Bao

You might want to tread slowly into the menu and start with something familiar. The Rendang Bao, curry puff and the chicken wings with a spicy creamy dip {Ayam Kalasan} are all great picks. And you get a trio of dips {shrimp-based sambal, vegetarian sambal and a super spicy sambal} to enjoy everything with.

For mains, the popular choice is easily the Nasi Goreng and they do it super well, complete with a sunny side up egg sitting atop the rice. The trick is to break the crackers and the egg and mix it all up and dig in with a spoon. The Nasi Ulam {rice with herbs} with prawn tempura is another winner of a dish {it even has betel leaves} along with the Lhaksas of course {there are different versions of this- ask the staff to figure out what best suits your taste}.

Pie Not?

Jom Jom sources most of its dessert from Bombaykery but we’re partial towards their home-made fare- the Banoffee Pie and the Coconut Cheesecake in particular. Followed by a Milo Dinosaur {it’s exactly what it sounds like – a giant glass of milk loaded with Milo}.

So, We’re Saying…

If you have a taste for Asian food {we’re not talking Indian Chinese}, chances are you’ll be going nom nom at Jom Jom.

PS: Like all new restaurants, Jom Jom too is awaiting its liquor license {expected in April} so if you really need a drink, you may want to pre-game before heading here.


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