By Aditi Datta

Who doesn’t love a good TED talk?

Whether it’s the perfect distraction on a slow office day or a life-changing moment of inspiration, we’ve all walked away from a TED talk or two feeling a bit uplifted, despite our best defenses and semi-sculpted skepticism. And while these tales of success can seem faraway and foreign to the circumstance of our lives, sometimes it’s just geography that makes them physically faraway and less relatable. With JOSH Talks, those local heroes just got a whole lot closer.

Fresh out of college, Shobhit and Supriya needed a bit of inspiration that felt closer to home. They started JOSH Talks, which isn’t necessarily about ideas set in the future, but more like inspiring stories of entrepreneurs, inventors, fighters, innovators and anyone else with a personal story of success. With an impressive panel of speakers, the talks always feel right and relevant.

The last JOSH Talk was held in Gurgaon and saw 1500+ attendees spend their time in an all-day enclave. Every event sees about 20 speakers, who get the stage and mic for anything ranging from 4 to about 20 minutes. From a lady who survived an acid attack and went on to run her own beauty salon, to the CEO of the highly successful Groupon in India, from a now-famous stand-up comedian to a lesser known hero transforming lives in Ladakh, these are stories of ordinary people who’ve done something extraordinary with their lives.

All JOSH Talks are recorded on video, edited and posted online, so if you’re running a bit low on motivation to finally take the plunge in doing whatever your next frontier may be, getting online may just be the small step that becomes a giant leap to the next chapter in your story.

Enough said. Now go check out those who’ve walked the walk!

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With an aim to collate and curate the most inspiring stories across India, JOSH Talks is an online platform crammed full with tales of perseverance and personal successes from those who have inspiring tales to tell.

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