Ten-Second Takeaway

Everybody’s favourite artisanal/hipster thelawaala recently opened shop in Saidulajab and it might be worth your while to pick up their cookies, snacks, tea masalas, teas, and packaged coffees.

Must Take-Away Snacks

Ginger Cookies, Amaranth Cookies

Must Take-Away Drinks

Happy Stomach Tea. This has cured many a stomach issues of mine. Have a cup at night, and you’re good to go in the morning… if you know what I mean.

When To Make A Trip

Wait for their café to open up if you’re looking to make a trip to Saidulajab just for this. If you happen to be in the vicinity and/or are making a trip to Blue Tokai, pick up some cookies and bowel-movement-inducing tea from two stores down.

#LBBTip: Once Jugmug is up and running, grab a Vietnamese iced coffee, ginger cookies, and get a seat outside. Parking in this area sucks, so take an Uber/Ola if you can.

Featured photo source: Jugmugthela