Butterscotch, Strawberry & More: Ka Eclairs Has Got Us Eclair{ing} Our Love For Its Sweet Treats

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We’re always in search of new bakeries and dessert places to satisfy our sweet cravings and Noida’s latest offering Ka Eclairs Kafe is our new sweet favourite. This place serves Instagrammable desserts, has a hospitable staff and the prices are decent too. Noida’s nailing it yet again!

We Choux{se} Desserts

We decided to check this place out after a slow day at work and were glad that we made this decision because eating desserts here became the highlight of our day.

Ka Eclairs Kafe {yes, with a K} is a colourful and brightly-lit eatery in the Sector 18 market in Noida. This place offers salads, fries, shawarmas, sandwiches, risottos, pizzas and more, but as always, we’re biased towards desserts so that’s what gets our undivided attention here.

Considering that the place is named Ka Eclairs Kafe, ordering a a few eclairs only seemed natural. We tried the Dark Chocolate Eclair and the Butterscotch Eclair, both of which were generously filled with a yum cream {that didn’t taste heavy}, had the right kind of sweetness and yes, they taste even better than they look. While the pastry was a bit dry, the toasted nuts on the Butterscotch Eclair and the intricately designed solid chocolate on the chocolate one, did elevate the overall taste.  This cafe also offers a range of cakes in a jar, pastries, heavenly desserts like Chocolate Nuke {it will blow your mind} and more desserts that we’re planning to try on our next visit.

So, We're Saying...

We loved the desserts here so much that we got some packed for home and we think that you should too. If you get excited by desserts {as we do} and prefer eating the same over main course, add Ka Eclairs Cafe to the list of bakeries that you’ve got to try.


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