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Kaav: Surround Yourself With Nature At This Luxury Safari Lodge

Editors posted on 22nd April

Ten-Second Takeaway

Tread on the wild side at Kaav, an eco-friendly safari lodge located at the heart of the Kabini forest. The lodge also scores brownie points for its sustainable practices.

Into The Jungle

Bordering the lush Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary is Kaav, a posh safari lodge that is as breathtaking as the thick forests that surround it. By no means is Kaav sprawling, but that’s on purpose. The folks behind the getaway want you to have an intimate experience, and also want you to enjoy a holiday without unsettling the flora and fauna that surrounds it. However, do note, Kaav does not allow kids below 10 years.

At Kaav, you can choose between four rooms that come fitted with private decks, or go for either of the two tents that have their own balconies. The rooms are all about contemporary design, but they feature pieces and elements that remind you of the forest that’s lies just beyond. You can seriously spend hours lounging about and peeking at the sights of the forest from the comfort of your pristine room.

If you’d like a change in scenery, you can head out to the calm waters of the pool that are circled by graceful trees.

Eat And Sustain

If you’re looking for a luxury-laced experience that is also environmentally sustainable, then, there’s no place like Kaav. The resort relies on renewable energy and is committed to recharging the groundwater that’s used. When the tummy rumbles, you can stop at the al fresco dining area and pick from a menu that features everything from Indian to Italian and Persian/Iranian {the meals are part of the package, by the way}. The lodge also hosts barbecues on request; kitchen waste is converted to bio gas for cooking.

What To Do

You can venture out for land and water safaris in the morning and the evening. Part of the Nilgiri Biosphere, Nagarhole is a diverse forest reserve in terms of fauna. Asiatic elephants, leopards, tigers, hyenas, and sloth bears can be sighted, as can herbivores like spotted deer, gaurs, antelopes and barking deer. Cycling, nature walks, and coracle rides are part of the itinerary too.

If you have a fascination for winged creatures, then carry a pair of binoculars and train your eyes towards the sky. The Kabini region is home to more than 300 species of birds, and you can catch glimpses of them on walks or safaris.

Where: Malalli Cross, N Belathur, PO Kabini, Karnataka

Price: INR 16,500 per night onwards

Contact: +91 9900613595

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Malalli Cross, N Belathur, P.O. Kabini, HD Kote Taluke, Mysuru, Karnataka

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