Hydrated & Glowing: We Love Kal Hans’ Luxury Skincare That’s Vegan & 100% Natural!

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What Makes It Awesome

We’re suckers for luxury skincare; we love the sleek packaging, the beautiful scent and how soft it makes our skin feel. What we don’t love is how most luxury skincare products come with a mile-long list of ingredients, most of which are chemicals we can’t even pronounce. That’s when we found Kal Hans Naturals after researching way too long online; they make skincare that feels luxurious and is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free, and oh, also sustainable!

We tried out their Hydrating Rose Petal Face Mist that we put on right after taking a shower. It felt like we were wearing a bouquet of roses all day and we couldn’t help but randomly spritz our face with it every few hours throughout the day. It’s definitely hydrating but we’re going to wait a few weeks to see how it improves our skin texture. We also got the Rejuvenation & Repair Night Serum that they call the Sleeping Beauty of serums. We massaged it into our skin right before bed and we have to admit our skin felt super soft when we woke up. They also have a Kansa Wand which is basically a facial roller which we might order when we run out of the face mist. 

We love how they’re not trying to make us lather on 10 products at once to achieve “flawless” skin, rather their mission is getting people to feel comfortable in their own natural skin without harming it with harsh chemicals or hurting the environment.

Price: INR 575 onwards

What Could Be Better

Their product range is pretty limited right now with only 3 products so we’re waiting for them to add on some moisturisers or even face masks, really.


You can get 15% off on all orders by using the code “CAREPACKAGE10”! 


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