Comfort Food At Its Best At Karnataka Food Centre

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If the very thought of South Indian food makes your mouth water, Karnataka Food Centre is a place you shouldn’t miss. With amazing Kannada cuisine on offer, this one is sure to bowl you over with its delicious offerings and budget friendly pricing.

Chow Down

Puliyogare Rice, Mysore Masala Dosa

Sip On

Filter Coffee, Badam Milk

Winning For

You will always find this place to be crowded, and if that isn’t enough to tell you just how popular this is, their food does that for you. Still, service is probably the best thing here.

Crowd Control

Despite being crowded throughout the day, you will never find the staff being too worked-out here. The space is simple-yet-spacious, and I guess the simplicity helps you concentrate more on the eating. Slow South Indian melodies and all the chatter around is enough to transport you straight to Karnataka.

The Taste Of KFC

They wouldn’t have any of the usual American junk; their awesome Kannada cuisine is enough to keep it insanely popular. The menu offers snacks {idlis and vadas}, dosas, uthappams, fixed meals and daily rice offerings, and all of it at prices that will leave you smiling.

I have been a regular to this place for years, and my recent visit taught me that some joints never really change. A few favourites that you must try are the puliyogare rice {imli rice}, Mysore masala dosa, panchatara uthappam and the bisibelle bhat. Everything here has its own unique taste, so choosing the best is really hard {but I still love the imli rice the most}.

So, We’re Thinking…

A must visit for those who love South Indian food, this place is as authentic and pocket-friendly as it gets.


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