Call Karate Kitchen For A Hale And Hearty, Spicy Asian Meal

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One of the many new delivery places which have cropped up in the last few months, Karate Kitchen stands out with its quality dim sums {translucent coverings FTW}, quality pork and chicken, good portions and most importantly, taste.

Chow Down

Edamame & Truffle Oil Dumpling, Thai Green Curry, Sliced Korean Spicy Pork

Winning For

Making good quality “fancy” Asian food TV dinners a reality

Karate Chomp

If you do decided to order from Karate Kitchen {and if you’re a fan of Oriental cuisine, you should}, start with the dumplings – we wouldn’t do it any other way. We loved the semi transparent thin covering, and the filling even more. The Prawn Har Gao with its crunchies and Edamame & Truffle Oil with its cheesy melt-iness were clear winners for us. One portion comprises four dumplings.

The thinly sliced Korean pork was another dish we couldn’t stop digging our porks into. We loved the amount of heat the dish involved. The Spicy Sambal Long Beans were just as spicy and lent a much-needed dash of green to our overly red diets.

The Singapore Prawns, a tad on the sweet side and the Thai Green Curry balanced out the otherwise spicy meal perfectly. And we loved that the curry had large chunks of mushroom, baby corn, galangal, broccoli and zucchini. Looking for something to pair the prawn with? Don’t look beyond the egg-topped Kimchi Fried Rice.

Brookie What We Have Here

A brookie = cookie  + brownie {if you’ve been following MasterChef, you should know that}. Or at least that’s what we deduced from the square chunk of brownie we dug into, which was, in parts, both chewy and crunchy. A little on the dense side, this chocolaty trinket really provided the perfect end to the spice-laden meal.

Although we were more than satiated, we would definitely appreciate Karate Kitchen even more if they added beverages to their menu; a sparkling ginger ale or iced tea would make the entire experience whole.

Where: MG Road {home delivery only}

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