Check Out Karma Kettle As They Redefine Tea, The Artisanal Way!

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Karma Kettle

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What Makes Karma Kettle Awesome?

Tea has always been the perfect companion through everyday life. If you love tea, like we do and can’t go without it during long stimulating conversations, hard at work hours, Sunday mornings or while enjoying lovely weather, then we’ve got just the thing for you. Karma Kettle, a speciality tea company takes pride in re-defining tea and honouring the importance and essence of it in our lives. They have an expansive selection of over 100 thoughtfully crafted teas and tisanes, and will leave you spoiled for choice.

Their handcrafted tea blends are produced in small batches to ensure that freshness and flavours are top notch. Infused with carefully curated herbs, spices, natural fruits and flowers, these gourmet teas are available in the form of whole leaf teas, packaged in silken pyramid or biodegradable tea bags, as well as with herbal infusions. 

Their fascinating range of wellness teas such as ashwagandha, chakra, ayurvedic chai and moringa tea, have unique benefits and are ideal for a healthy life. Or if you’re looking for something to help boost your metabolism and energy, then they’ve got you covered with green tea with ginger & marigold, green tea with lychee and rose, and matcha green tea powder.

While most of us might be working from home, our fast paced lifestyles continue and Karma Kettle has a refreshing collection of herbal and caffeine-free teas that will help you de-stress and sleep, ranging from chamomile & lemongrass, spiced apple rooibos tea and lavender tea, a tempting alternative to sugary beverages. That’s not all, you can also try their premium range of silver tips white teas, specially sourced from Darjeeling if you’re specifically looking at avoiding caffeine. Awesome, right?

We insist you give it a try, because besides being a tasteful and carefully handcrafted variety of tea, it’s also healthy, delicious and beautiful with colours such as rosy ruby, sapphire blue, pretty purple and more. So, waste no time, hurry and check them out now!


If you’ve got a friend or loved one who’s a tea connoisseur , you can gift them an exclusive Karma Kettle gift box too! They’re available in different themes as well, so we’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect one.