Whipped Soaps, Freakshake Bath Bomb & More: Everything By This Store Is So Cute!

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What Makes It Awesome

I’m bored of finding organic skincare products that would work really well on my skin but don’t look good. Aesthetics play a big part in how I pick skincare products but they also have to be natural, organic and smell really, really good. Kaura’s hair and skincare products looked really pretty online but they were made even better by them being cruelty-free, organic and handmade, plus their packaging is made with recycled paper. 

They have some super interesting whipped soaps; food-themed soaps like Cookies & Cream and Hot Chocolate, floral ones like the Lavender, Rose & Coconut, and Saffron and Turmeric scented ones, too. Whipped soaps are way cooler than regular soaps since they don’t just wash off dirt, they also are really, really moisturising. But if you’re more intro traditional soaps, the Trouble Melter Soap is super bubbly and fruity (and pretty), and the Cucumber or Blueberry Soaps will make you feel so refreshed. For more TLC for your face, their face masks are really gentle and soothing like the Detox Mask, Glow Mask and, my favourite, I Woke Up Like This because who doesn’t want to feel like Beyonce? 

I’ve also been experimenting with a bunch of hair products thanks to major frizz and stress making my hair look sad, but shampoo bars have been a game changer because of the lack of chemicals and plastic-free packaging compared to regular shampoos. The Shine bar for dull hair with rose oil was my favourite and there’s other shampoo bars for different hair concerns like the Warmth bar for oily scalp, Serenity for dry and damaged hair and Wisdom bar for chemically treated hair. 

Price: INR 249 onwards for Whipped Soap, INR 399 onwards for Face Masks, INR 549 each for Shampoo Bars


If you’re lucky enough to have a bathtub at home (side note: I’m jealous), the Bath Crumble Freak Shake and Bath Salts will make you feel so relaxed. 


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