Head To Kerala Hotel In INA For An Amazing Coastal Lunch

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What Makes It Awesome

Tucked away in the busy INA market, Kerala Hotel is a gem that needs to be bookmarked for great coastal flavours, including stellar prawn and chicken biryani. Despite being crowded during lunch hours, this place always serves your meal within minutes, and it is all prepared fresh.

This place bears an uncanny resemblance to a joint in Munnar by the same name. It isn’t big on space and the seating isn’t the most comfortable, but once you take a bite of their delicious food everything just seems better. One does feel like they are chilling in some local Kerala joint as the restaurant has a lot of Keralite patrons, and occasional Carnatic music can be heard there too.

This place has a penchant for seducing you with its coastal flavours—something hard to find in the heart of north India. We’ve tried almost everything the menu has to offer, and almost all of it impresses.

Our favourites (and soon to be your favourites, hopefully) are the Prawn Curry, Chicken Biryani (definitely not the same as our local biryanis), and Mutton Stew. These dishes stand out for their distinct flavours and substantial portions (you can always ask for a little extra curry, too).

Price: INR 400 (approx.)

Timings: 9 AM - 10 PM


The nearest metro station is INA and it'd be better to carry exact change with you since they only accept cash.

Disclaimer: Please make sure that you maintain social distancing when you head out, wear your masks and carry sanitisers. Stay safe. 


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