Have You Tried This Iconic CP Eatery's Milkshakes & Twisted Potatoes?

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What Makes It Awesome

Well, if you don't already know, the beloved corner milkshake place in CP has changed its name from Keventers to Shake Square. They've been serving killer milkshakes and beverages since 1971 and their Vanilla shake is a popular favourite (priced at INR 120). They serve their beverages in a 450 ml glass bottle (bye-bye, plastic) and have flavours like pineapple, strawberry, butterscotch, oreo and Belgian mocha, and more!

What's new to the Shake Square's (read: old Keventers) menu is that they're now serving more variety of quick bites. Their fries, nachos and twisted potatoes are a must-have (we've heard that their pizzas are pretty decent too)!

This eatery's new outlet in the middle circle has a bigger food menu, while the older one that has been there since our childhood still only has quick bites. Since the cafe does not serve non-vegetarian food, they have appetising vegetarian options to make up for it. I recommend you try their Cheese and Jalapeno Twisted Potatoes (priced at INR 100). If you want to keep it simple, you can order a pizza sandwich (INR 110) or white sauce maggi (INR 80) for yourself.

Not to forget, Shake Square offers a crazy variety of flavours in maggi like, tandoori, peri-peri, BBQ and (the classic) cheese maggi (all priced between INR 50 - 100)! 

Don't forget to drop by this eatery if you're in CP. Their ice-cream sodas are what you should be sipping on this summer!

What Could Be Better

Shake Square can be a little crowded sometimes (especially on weekends), so make sure that you plan your visit accordingly.

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