Like It Hot? Keventers Now Has Warm Milkshakes For You

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Milkshake chain Keventers has recently launched a range of warm milkshakes, keeping in mind the dipping temperatures.

Shake It Up

We’re used to Keventers in slender glass bottles and chilled to the core. The Hot Shakes shake up this concept a little.

So what are hot shakes exactly? The ‘shake’ here may be a bit of a misnomer. Think along the lines of a hot chocolate but in many different flavours. We’re not complaining.

Hot And Cold

The Creamy Chocolate {served with caramel and ice cream} is obviously the most popular choice. But we’d urge you to go beyond that. There’s Balmy Banana {with real banana pulp!}, Kesar Pista and Soulful Salted Caramel {also served with ice cream}.

If you don’t want to be super experimental, there’s Kashmiri Kahwa and green tea for the taking.

So, We're Saying...

Ask her/him out for a hop cuppa salted caramel already.

PS: These are available only at select outlets. So if you’re making a trip specially for this, you might want to call in advance and check.


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