Khaaja Chowk Is Back In A Cool New Sexy Avatar

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Back with a big bold bang, Khaaja Chowk 2.0 retains the desi vibe, but ups the ante on some seriously good pan-Indian grub.

Nibbles From Here And There

Chakhna has always been our weakness, so we sampled our way through smoky Murgh Malai Tikkas and delicate Galouti Kebabs. For the chaat inclined, look no further – the Palak Patte Ki Chaat is classic and comforting, and has the bonus surprise of mashed potatoes. We also absolutely love the Chicken 65 here- it’s perfectly spiced and sized just right to go with your drinks. The big surprise though is the Khurmi Naan- which is the love child of a delish Indian bread with classic Margherita flavours. Divine!

Heartier Treats

Save some space for classic clay pot and dum cooking, and you will be rewarded with superb succulence {the Nalli Boti Ki Nihari is to die for}. We also ventured into some delightful lunch combos- and send you special recommendations for the luscious luchi and mutton platter, and the coconut-y prawn with rice. We ended our day of decadence on a very sexy sweet note – Beetroot Halwa done right, and nutty, minty and very refreshing paan ice-cream.

Desi Boozy Drinks

There is a full bar menu on offer, but we suggest you pair your khana with delish desi cocktails that come with king sized cubes with a hidden secret- we got happily tipsy on Paan Supari Martini, and the Chilli Aam Masala {and yes, they both were as good as they sound}.

There’s More…

Khaaja Chowk also does unlimited homestyle tiffins for lunch, complete with appetisers and dessert.


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