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Haldi, Kesar & Even Garlic: This Brand Does Vegan Skincare


    What Makes It Awesome

    While the first or the second word of the headline may have mislead you to thinking that this is a food recco, but it's also a known fact that natural ingredients used in our kitchen do wonders to your skin. Say bye-bye to face washes, shampoos and scrubs laden with chemicals and hidden ingredients. Khadi Rang is here with their range of cruelty-free, herbal and vegan skincare products, suitable for all skin types of both men and women.

    Tired of acne and pimples? The Haldi Chandan Face Wash will help you remove those dark spots too, leaving a natural glow on your face. The Kashmir Saffron Face Wash sorts hyperpigmentation issues and aids in tan-removal. Then there's Charcoal Face Scrub for cleaning skin pores, Sandalwood Scrub for removing dead skin and making your skin soft and plump. Coming to shampoos, their Ginger Garlic Shampoo promotes hair growth and stops premature greying. The Red Onion Shampoo will give you strong and healthy hair and if you want some relief from dandruff troubles, Fenugreek & Honey Shampoo it is. 

    Switch to an organic lifestyle and that too without pinching you pocket. Khadi Rang's range of products starts at INR 190 only, and you can shop them on LBB. Go shop-shop!