Visit This Quaint Little Homestay For A Getaway Before It Decides To Move Again

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What Makes It Awesome

The concept of mobile homestays is something we had never heard of before. And that is precisely how we landed on this dreamlike, portable place. Beautifully translating to carrying ones home on their shoulders, Khanabadosh is an exquisite bread and breakfast that travels. And they've recently moved into a new location that is just as good as the previous one.

Geetika, the host of Khanabadosh and an ardent traveller herself, tells us that she quit her corporate job back in 2015. Following which she wanted to move outside of the constricting binds of the cities and explore the transient nature of the hills. After years of research and numerous recces, she zeroed in on Mashobra, Himachal Pradesh as Khanabadosh's inception. 

The homestay looks like it's straight outta a country-side based novel. It has four snug rooms (starting at INR 9,500) each with enticing views of the hills and local farms outside. They have a well-laid out kitchen where the staff prepares everything from prawn cakes to mini chaat bites. If you're looking to catch up on your missing reads, Khanabadosh has a wonderful library housing all genres of books. 

Helping Geetika take utmost care of her guests are her two precious goofs, Gabbar Singh and Bruce Lee, who will accompany you on treks, give you a tour of their kitchen garden (where they root out most of the veggies) and spoil you with unlimited squeals and tail wags. Can't think of a better way to de-clutter our minds, to be honest. 


Plan a visit to Khanabadosh in Mashobra soon before they relocate to an equally surreal locale. 

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