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The Perfect Dessert: Here’s Where You Can Get Kheer Home Delivered For Iftar

The information in this post might be outdated

Let’s face it, no mithai or dessert will ever live up to the classic Kheer. Full of lots of nuts and dry fruits, it’s rich, it’s creamy, it’s pretty much the perfect sweet note to add to your Iftar after Ramadan fasting. So you don’t have to miss out on your (and our) favourite dessert, we’ve rounded up a list of iconic places still delivering Kheer to our homes while ensuring they follow WHO guidelines in food prep and delivery as we stay safe indoors. 



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If you’ve had too much Kheer and are looking for a revamped option, well, Caterspoint has 5 for you! Other than their classic Badami Kesariya Kheer, they’ve also got a Creamy Hazelnut Kheer, Berrilicious Kheer, and more. We loved Tropical Sago Fruit Nut Kheer which was unlike any other we’ve tried.

Price: INR 299 

ParaFit Delivers

Not a fan of too much sugar or want to opt for a healthier dessert? ParaFit Delivers' low sugar kheer has only 193 calories per serving and it still tastes like regular kheer. 

Price: INR 180

Wah Ji Wah

The best part about these guys is that there are a bunch of outlets all over the city. They call it their WJW Special Dessert Kheer so we're betting a lot of care goes into making it. 

Price: INR 50

Pind Balluchi

Full of flavourful saffron, Pind Balluchi's thandi kheer is best enjoyed, well, cold and with lots of nuts. We've tried their main course many, many times and were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed their dessert. 

Price: INR 79

Punjab Sweet Corner

Yes, that same Punjab Sweet Corner that's been in Karol Bagh since 1955 also does amazing kheer. It's full of kesar, nuts and we'd say you can order more than 1 without worrying 'cause you'll want more. 

Price: INR 100


Now that Kheer is sorted how about you check some desserts? Here, on Shop On LBB, we have everything from fusion mithais to laddoos to DIY desserts and lots more. Oh, and going by the seasonal trends, mango desserts are something we just can't get enough of. So, order away!