Strawberries, Chilli Or Rocket: Grow Your Own And 'Khetify' Your Balcony

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This sustainable start-up has a simple mission: To ‘khetify’ your roof or balcony so you can grow fresh, organic, yummy produce right in your own home.


Khetify came into being for a whole bunch of reasons. A large portion of store or mandi-bought fruits and veggies have residual pesticides on them, so switching to clean, fresh and naturally-grown alternatives makes sense.

The project also aims to curb the mindless burning of food waste, that is actually organic and decomposes completely over time, by reviving the practice of composting. Lastly, at it’s very soul, Khetify hopes to create a community of producers and consumers who grow their own delish produce. You can find out about them, and their long-term sustainability vision, here.

I’m In! How Do I Start?

Their website is super easy to navigate and here’s how this works. Prospective farmers have the option of choosing from five, 10, 20 or 30 Khets or mini farms, depending on any farming experience you might have, or on the amount of space you have available at home. In addition to space, ensure that your roof or balcony has a water and electrical connection and receives lots and lots of sunlight.

The produce boxes come in different sizes and materials {HDPE grow bags, thermocol, cane and wood.}. Five Khets need about 20 sq. ft of space, so you can start producing your own food even if you’re living in a small space.

What Can I Grow?

SO much – cucumber, okra, tomatoes, pumpkin, beets, rocket, thyme, spinach and even strawberries. Produce varies depending on season and we’re excited to get ourselves some chili, amaranth {a super food} and cherry tomatoes.

The price of setting up your miniature farms includes installation by the team of Khetify, consultation with their in-house plant doctor if you hit a road block and monthly maintenance. Place your orders here.


So We’re Saying…

Lay down the roots for smart urban farming and a simple lifestyle switch by checking out Khetify.



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