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What Makes It Awesome

Don't want to end the day passively? Try journaling. Whether it's some mindful reflections of the day or artful doodles on Sundays, journaling can be therapeutic. With Khidki, we're close to achieving this daily practice of ours with some beautifully crafted notebooks and journals. 

Based out of Vadodra, this online stationery brand has extremely trendy notebooks, art journals and notepads. When we say trendy, we mean a sketched Harley, Space Monkeys, Hipster cool sunglasses... you get the drill, right? Their signature Art Journal collection has something quirky printed on a brown cover and ring-bound pages. The notebooks, on the other hand, have pop and multicoloured covers with cool quotes and designs. We are particularly rhapsodizing over their Wise Owl notebook which has a very weary-looking but an adorable Owl next to the words, "Once a wild owl said HOOT!". Khidki's cutesy notepads are easy-to-carry and act as perfect gifts. We'd recommend getting the one that has a serene quill painted over it. You can either choose the papers to be ruled or plain in all the three categories. 

Price: INR 90 onwards 

What Could Be Better

All their notepads and journals are ring bound which might be a bummer for those looking for a more basic design. 


These folks also let us customize our own notebooks for INR 350. All we need to do is choose a cover, either brown or multicoloured; upload an image of our choice; add text and viola! 

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