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Kick Back & Relax At The Tavotara Himalayan Retreat In Kempty

Aakanksha posted on 10 June

What Is It?

A three-day rejuvenating and experiential well-being retreat in the hills of Mussoorie that will involve yoga, meditation, cooking and some soul searching. The weather, natural beauty of the place {Kempty really is a charming little town}, and the company of fellow retreaters will be excellent for anybody looking to unwind.

Organised by Tavotara {a health and wellbeing space which is mostly about contemporary and natural living}, the retreat will focus on eating as a means to cleanse your system. There’ll also be alternate cooking classes - open fire cooking, waterless cooking, which will be done using fresh and seasonal produce {like veggies and Himalayan grain} picked right on the campus of where you’re staying. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?!

Who Is It For?

Well, for anyone interested is leading a healthier life, or even if you’re just looking for a quick rejuvenating break from the city. Who knows, this might even change your lifestyle.

Why Should I Go For It?

While the retreat is about alternate cooking mainly, there’s plenty of insight on yoga, pilates, dance meditation {that’s a great hook, yes?} and how a simpler life can be more beneficial. Plus, the body movement aspect is all about learning new methods to express yourself. So, if you’re looking to slow down and actually enjoy life, not just exist, book your spot now. Holistic healing, is you will.

Plus, it's in the picturesque hills of Mussoorie.


To book your spot, call +91 9650820215, +91 7760017956, or write to

When: Jun 17 - 19

Where: SIDH Campus, Kempty Village, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Price: INR 6,500, including accommodation

Find out more here.

Featured image courtesy: Paul Hamilton/Wikipedia Commons