Shoes Don't Fit? Kim Brothers Can Fix Them For You

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Words by: Arzoo

Ten-Second Takeaway

A dry-cleaning service for your bags and expensive leather goods, Kim Brothers {based in Jor Bagh} can work with your shoes too!

Shoe-gar Rush

These guys are popular for dry cleaning expensive bags and leather goods really well, which is something most folks in the area probably already know about, as they’re quite popular for their excellent service. But recently when some of my gorgeous {and super expensive!} shoes became too tight for me due to some weight gain, I decided to take them to Kim Brothers to see if they could somehow expand them for me. They did a rather fab job, and the shoes fit perfectly now!

They did a great job and are very professional, upfront, and honest about what can and cannot be done. In case you’re looking to adjust the size of that pair you haven’t been able to flaunt for so long, this is the place.


I don’t think one can bargain here. They do accept credit cards, though.


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