Check Out Kingdom Of Lashes For False Eyelashes That Look So Real!

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What Makes It Awesome

If you’re blessed with naturally long eyelashes, congratulations, you won the genetic lottery. I, however, did not, so false eyelashes have been a regular in my makeup bag. They can totally glam up an eyeshadow look and sometimes, you need a little extra glam for special occasions or even moods. Kingdom Of Lashes is an India-based company that sells a ton of styles of falsies online, from natural looking ones to super dramatic ones. They’re made of real hair so they don’t end up looking like the plastic eyelashes we’d see on dolls (you know the ones.)

I liked the look of Naturale since they seemed the least obvious ones. They can be reused about 7-8 times if you apply (and remove) them carefully. For longer, even more dramatic lashes, you’ll like StarBurst which is a mix of long and short lashes all clustered together. If you’re a far more practical person looking to up your volume, Melody lashes would be perfect since they can be reused upto 20 times. If you’re looking for something right in the middle, Twinkle lashes will be your best bet since they’ve got length but also are super lightweight. 

I’m also too cheap to get the Huda Beauty lashes that are too expensive for me to only be able to wear them a few times so I love the price tag on these.

Price: INR 349 each for the Naturale and Twinkle, INR 599 each for StarBurst and Melody

What Could Be Better

Sadly, some of their lashes are made of mink hair so I’m not exactly sure how they’re 100% cruelty free if real animal hair is involved so I completely avoided those ones. 


They also sell a transparent eyelash adhesive which is way better than using a black eyelash glue since it looks much more natural.


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