Go Sustainable: Kiro Beauty's Founder Vasundhara On The Why & How

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What Makes It Awesome

The beauty industry has seen a massive transformation in the past from making products that just satisfy one’s beauty requirements to helping one enhance their natural beauty in a very limited sense. However, I believe that consumers of today are savvy enough to know that they should be demanding more from their products. The rise of ingredient-conscious beauty means that consumers can now expertly decipher labels to know which products are genuinely good for them.

It is exceptionally crucial that consumers understand what ‘sustainability’ and ‘ethical beauty’ really mean. It’s very easy to get confused between a beauty brand that offers sustainable ingredient-infused products that are vegan, cruelty-free, palm-oil free, and a brand that practices it in an ethical manner with thoughtful packaging, ethical sourcing, and waste management.

Understanding how delicate our environment is, due to negligent actions taken in the past by previous generations, requires our millennials and Gen-Z population to become a lot more cognizant of their activities. Whether it pertains to beauty, food, or retail, consumers need to look out for brands that cater to various aspects of sustainability from zero wastage, recyclable packaging, fairly-traded ingredients, inclusivity, safety for all skin types, and they should have a profound knowledge of what they are putting on their bodies.  

With Kiro, we hope to make that task easier for them by keeping all nasties out. We see this blending in with a larger wellness trend that offers a holistic approach to overall well-being. Kiro infuses skincare into the beauty products to give a nice blend of the two where you're nourishing and healing your skin while still wearing your favourite matte lipstick shade.

Beauty is today used in conjunction with the right diet and adequate exercise. It is an exciting time to be in this space and to take the necessary steps in a moral sense.